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Missing old days?
W2H will be back someday in future if it's destined to be!
Do not forget these names

[W2H]Cyb3r-3rr0r AKA xW2Hx_Cyb3r_x
[W2H]abo-3a8el AKA xW2Hx_CHekMate_x
[W2H]THaMeR-99 AKA xW2Hx_THaMeR-99_x
[W2H]n_nawaf AKA xW2Hx_DaNg3R_x
[W2H]saad-sa AKA xW2Hx_Falcon_x
[W2H]Abdel-Rahman-7 AKA xW2Hx_Error_x
[W2H]yazid-16 AKA xW2Hx_YaZeD_x
[W2H]madridi12345 AKA xW2Hx_Hunter_x
[W2H]Sniper_makki AKA xW2Hx_EviL_x
[W2H]ll-_aBooD_-ll AKA xW2Hx_GaMeOvEr_x
[W2H]SFA7-10 AKA xW2Hx_KILL3R_x
[W2H]XXal_attasXX AKA xW2Hx_AsSaSsiN_x
[W2H]prince_dedo AKA xW2Hx_WaRRioR_x
[W2H]SeMoO_kSa AKA xW2Hx_SeMoO_x
[W2H]jabooor5 AKA xW2Hx_jaboor5_x
[W2H]MWB-077 AKA xW2Hx_SpiTFirE_x
[W2H]khalid_101 AKA xW2Hx_DarkSide_x
[W2H]Ksa-Tercel AKA xW2Hx_Ksa-Tercel_x
[W2H]Galaxy_Milkshake AKA xW2Hx_Galaxy_x
[W2H]X_BulletDeath_X AKA xW2Hx_THe-EnD_x
[W2H]hytham44 AKA xW2Hx_S1L3NCE_x

Until then we'll say goodbye =)

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